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Anonymous (ca1160-mid 14th century)
#380121 MUWAHHID, ND, NM, AR dirham, Alb 496, obv: "la ilaha illa-llah / Il lyamur kul hulel / Lya quvad Ilya bi Allya / "There is No lord Except God / The command is all God's / There is no power except through God", rx: "Illyah rubna /Muhanmmad rasulu Alliah / Il Mahdi imamina" / "God is our lord / Muhammad is our Messenger / al-Mahdi is our Imam", Wght:1.6g, VF-XF
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Anonymous (14th-15th centuries)
#380123 NASRID of GRANADA, ND, Gharnata mint, AR 1/4 dirham, Alb 417(S), obv: "la ilaha illa / Allah Muhanmmad / rasulu Alliah / "There is No lord Except God / Muhammad is the Prophet of God", rx: "Bi mudina Gharnata" / "Struck in the city Granada", Wght: 0.5g, VF-XF
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